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20 South Main Street, Huntington, Utah 84528

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PO Box 126 Huntington, Utah 84528

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Our Address

Call Us Today (435) 687-2436

Contact Information

Leonard Norton– (435) 749-0686

City Council Members:

Lesa Miller – 435-820-1014

Rodeo Grounds Committee, Animal Control

Jerry Livingston - 435-609-9631

Streets,  Dumpster Site

Tom Kay - 435-749-0563

Fire Department, LEPC

Gloria Wilson - 435-749-9267

Parks & Recreation, Beautification,

Heritage Days, CERT, Crossing Guards

David Emery – (435) 650-6113
Cemetery,   Heritage Days 

To contact a council member by e-mail: 

Place the council members name in the subject line.

Zoning Administrator :  
Gary Arrington – (435) 650-1011

Ronni Torre - 435-687-2436


Jenene Hansen - 435-687-2436

Fire Chief:

Chase Majors - 435-687-2436

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